Webcomic Checklist

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You’ve been dreaming about making a webcomic for you can’t remember how long. You’ve settled on an idea and finally produced your first ever page. Congrats! That’s the first few hurdles dealt with, now on to the rest of it.

Interview: @ForExposure_txt

For Exposure txt

In this interview Ryan Estrada talks about what drove him to produce @ForExposure_txt, a collection of cheesy quotes artists often hear when being solicited for artwork.

Using Mirrors to Funnel Traffic to Your Comic’s Main Hub

Photo by Ed Yourdon

Mirror sites are often used to attract leads from multiple community driven websites. The big questions is how do you get your real fans to the primary bulk of your creative content.


Reviewing the webcomic Woohooligan available at WooHooligan.com

Drive to Succeed Vs Your Ego

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Your ego is a funny thing. It’s the element of your personality that has decided that you are worth it and that you do deserve the best. Without that inner voice we would not be driven to succeed...

Interview: Walter the Wicked

Walter the Wicked

Mike P Hearn creator, writer and artist behind the webcomic Walter the Wicked shares with us his career as a product designer and his inspiration behind his comic project.

Being Inspired Without Ripping Off an Existing Idea

Photo by Joshua Davis

This article will be covering how to use your inspiration without blatantly ripping off the original source. There really isn't any excuse to not come up with something that's entirely your own.

InSanity, Az

Reviewing the comic InSanity, Az available in hardcopy or digital on Amazon

10 Sure Fire Ways to Get Your Artist to Rage Quit

Photo by Tony Fischer

It is assumed that if you're asking for skilled help that you actually want to see the completion of the project. I'm also assuming that you're a paying client.

8 Sure Fire Ways to Never Have a Return Client

Photo by Ed Yourdon

This past year, I'v hire help to assist me with my projects. Through this experience, I can see the argument from both sides. I've worked with some great people, I've worked with some bad ones.

Where The Witches Lurk

Photo by Joe Pezzula
Reviewing the comic Where the Witches Lurk available in hardcopy or digital at http://pezzly.tumblr.com/store

Developing Your World For Your Story Part 2

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The raw materials used in an environment can go a long way to shape the visual aspect of the technology, the beasts, and cultures found in your world. Remember that function defines form.

Developing Your World For Your Story Part 1

Photo by paul bica

Fans are naturally drawn to a world where it’s clear that the creators spent a great deal of time developing the environment in which his characters dwell.

How to work your ideas

Photo by seyed mostafa zamani

You might have some truly fantastic ideas floating around in that head of yours. You might be waiting on it to develop a bit more before you decide to do something with it, or you might not know exactly what to do with it.

Different Ways to Invest In Your Creative Project

Photo by Emre Ayaroglu

One of the signs of that you’re serious about your creative project be it a comic, novel, hand-made crafts, etc. Is your willingness to invest your hard earned cash into your project. You know the saying: "Put your money where your mouth is."


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