Podcast: Mythoi


Creator and writer, James Ninness share his inspiration and insights about being a writer for an independent comic book publishing company for the series Mythoi.

Starter but Never Finisher

Photo by Extra Noise

With so much accessibility to resources and information, it’s easy to start a project. It’s also easy to seriously underestimate just how much work and time a particular project will demand.

Drupal 7 Setting up a Site-Wide Blog

Photo by Evil Ink
This video will demonstrate how to do a download and set up a site-wide Blog to your Drupal website, allowing multiple authors to contribute to one blog. It takes a few minutes install and enable the module.

What to Do When You Are in a Productivity Slump

Photo by Seier+Seier

Some days you just don’t feel like doing anything. You know that you have a million and one things that need to be done; yet you still can’t seem to find the motivation to get the work done.

Podcast: Silly Kingdom

Illustration by Katie Shanahan

Brother and sister team, Katie and Steven Shanahan share their process and inspiration behind the episodic comic Silly Kingdom.

Passion Vs Interest

Photo by Martin Toy

We're often surrounded by topics on passion and interest. More often than not they two words end up being thought of as interchangeable. In this article I share some of my own insights on pursuing my passion through my interests.

How Valuable is Your Web Comic's Domain Name?

Photo by Diana Parkhouse

The buying and selling of domain names is akin to real estate; so much so, that we often use the same terms to describe some of the practices involved. Here's a quick guide to creating truly profitable domain names.

Drupal 7 Installing Google Analytic to Your Drupal Website

Photo by Evil Ink
This video will demonstrate how to do a download and set up the Google Analytic module to your Drupal website. It takes 2 minutes install and enable the module.

How Dare you!

Photo by BC Mom

Like many of you, I’m subscribed to at least a dozen blogs. In part, these blogs are what inspired me to do my own version, focusing on the business side of web comics with regards to self promotion and the production of such projects.

Podcast: Promises Promises

Illustration by Jules Faulkner

Jules Faulkner the creator and artist behind the webcomic Promises Promises joins us to talk about her project, sharing some of her marketing efforts and plans for future projects.

Procrastination to Creative Genius

Photo by Mezone

I used to use some of these lines myself until I realized that I HATE working under pressure, and no, I don’t produce my best work under those circumstances. But you know what? It took me years to figure that out.

Drupal 7 Updating Your Drupal Core

Evil Ink

This video will demonstrate how to update your Drupal website. You’ll need to update the Drupal core, modules and themes on a regular basis in order to keep up with changing security and policies.

Starting Your Own Business: Are You Making This Mistake?

Photo by Isaac Bowen

When new to running a business, we find ourselves wearing multiple hats just to keep everything running as smoothly as possible. We find ourselves acting in roles that perhaps would have been better left to someone else.

Podcast: Laura Stitzel

Illustration by Laura Stitzel

Laura Stitzel joins us to talk about her experience as an Australian freelancer traveling across the United States and Canada.

4 Must Have Clauses in Your Creative Contract

Photo by umjanedoan

As a creative professional, I’ve come across my fair share of clients who feel that art in any form isn’t a valuable service. This often results in disputes, and if it doesn’t get resolved, it leads to loss of income and time.


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